The exploration of the self and how identity can be perceived, experienced and performed, are central themes in my practice.My work is driven by the need to deconstruct the relationship between image and identity as well as to question the idea of representation as truth or fabrication.Exploring the fluidity of identity and examining the performative nature of the self-portrait as well as the action of reconstructing oneself every single moment are core elements.

Phenomenological in its method, my photographic practice examines notions of personal, social, and cultural identity such as patterned beliefs, attitudes and behaviours influenced by life experiences.

During the creative process, I use my body as an exploratory tool to interact with objects, physical spaces and surroundings.My interest lies in transcending the quotidian and disrupting reality via the openness of fragmentary visual narratives in coded and implicit ways.

Through the meticulous choice of light and colour, I seek to explore and communicate internal dialogues and subtle inner states of the human experience in a form of dream-like moments. Artificial and natural elements are combined to infuse strangeness into the work and thus question our societal and emotional realities.