The exploration of the self and how identity can be perceived, experienced and performed, are centrals themes in my work. I am deeply interested in issues of femininity, eroticism, sexuality, image and representation.

Phenomenological in its method, my photographic practice examines preconceived notions of womanhood, their influence on our social identities and our perceptions of self-conception. During the creative process I use my body as an exploratory tool to interact with objects, physical spaces and surrounding. “Developing” into different personas is a sort of re-enactment; through this action of embodiment I seek to find new relations between personal history, subjectivity, reality and examine established narratives.

My process of work relies on a playful and suggestive way, blurring the boundaries between personal, fiction and reality, the actual and the constructed. It is mainly intuitive, solitary and intimate, using light, color and a personal symbolized language/vocabulary to evoke associations and provoke emotional responses.