Filter Object Series

Filter Object Series is a body of work challenging traditional identity constructions that revolve around notions of femininity and ideas of  representation of the female body. Materials and found objects of popular culture are assembled and undergo a connotational interplay. This interplay aims at stripping them of their ordinary meaning and changing their context with a view to creating various sensory perceptions.

The starting point for these series was to use the female body as a canvas for the subconscious mind and to highlight multilayered narratives of womanhood through a surrealistic sense of uncanny. The unexpected, at times bizarre, juxtapositions of subject with object rely on a playful and intuitive process as a way to unlock the imagination. The photographic fragmented treatment of the female form with visual puns and free associations but without a definitive context are combined to trigger fantasy and ambiguity suggesting innuendos about beauty, eroticism, sexuality and femininity.


project statement