Born in Greece, Ioanna currently lives and works in Berlin.

She studied History of Art, Applied Arts and received in 2013 her BFA from Alchimia Contemporary School, Florence.

Her artistic journey in photography started in 2017 when she attended the one-year photography course “Photography: Theories and Creative Practices” at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Her photographs have appeared in F-stop Magazine(US), issue#88, online, April-May 2018, the magazine Photographer(GR), issue 15, 2018 and the photo book Review #17, Greece 2017.She also participated in the group exhibition Review#17 in the Athens School of Fine Arts.

For her work Filter Object Series she has been awarded in the Tokyo International Photo Awards 2018 (tifa), received an Honorable mention from the 11th Julia Cameron Award in the category of Fine Arts, an Honorable Mention from International Photography Award (IPA) 2018 and was shortlisted as a Nominee for the Photogrvphy Grant, 2018.

In her work she seeks to explore the relationship between object and subject, the exploration of the self and how identity can be perceived, experienced and performed through the medium of photography. She is interested in issues of femininity, eroticism, sexuality, image and representation, challenging stereotypes and pushing the limitations of the genre of portraiture.