Interlude in Blue

Interlude in Blue is a body of work that portrays the female figure in personal spaces enclosed in a world of silence and desire, touching upon themes of loneliness, isolation and alienation. The pictures vacillate between feelings of absence and presence, longing and hope, reflecting the characters’ introspective nature; their ‘private rooms’ are likened to their private world, questioning how representations of interior spaces metaphorically stand for the inner selves.

By transforming myself in different “cinematic” personas, I seek to unravel the relation between visibility and invisibility.  Through the repetitive process of “iteration”, the viewer can see all these phenomenologically identical, yet different unidentified female characters unfold; an attempt to puzzle out, discover and understand the enigma and the complexity of identity; how many different personas can I/we be on the “stage” of everyday life?

These series seek to engage the viewer in a private world of reverie and self-absorption.