Filter Object Series

“Filter Object Series” question our stereotypical perceptions of the female representation. Drawing a thin line between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the imagined and the real, fantasy and representation was part of a self conscious process. Tactility, visual puns, light and color are combined to trigger fantasy and ambiguity.

These portraits are conceived as ephemeral constructions of identities. Objects, roles and clichés are combined in a multilayered exploration displacing the viewer’s expectations of everyday reality. Ordinary found objects of popular and consumer culture utilized to alter our concepts of gender, material culture and identity formation process. Although the subject in the photographs is my body, these series are not to be considered as self portraits. I use the body merely as an aesthetic material. The photographic fragmented treatment of the female form, without definitive context, as well as the reconfiguration and displacement of found and assembled objects are part of a personal visual vocabulary suggesting innuendoes about beauty, sexuality, femininity, meanings of pleasure. “Filter object series” are images of mutable and performed identities; in flux, layered, not clearly evident, constantly changing. An assemblage of objects and selves that are perpetually fragmented.

Artist statement